Wardens of the Lost age


wselcome to the main page, I’m still getting everything set up in the game, right now we have the Maltese sept sketched out and a Wiki structure. If you have any questions let me know in the facebook group.

Map of the game world

Update 07/05/2012

So We’re getting closer and closer to the first session! Many main characters have sheets at this point and I’m going to start opening up the floor to “Meanwhile scenes”

what is a meanwhile scene you ask?

A meanwhile scene is a vignette in the form of a one off scene that takes place somewhere “Off camera” these scenes allow us to make a much more dense and populated story experience. While our PCs are the 9 most important people in the story, sometimes it’s fun to look at things from an external perspective. These other perspectives allow the players (and the audience) to see the world at large and get a greater sense of the impact that their characters actions have. Meanwhile characters and some info about the scenes run will be posted in the NPCs section of the characters tab!

what meanwhile scenes won’t do…

A meanwhile scene will not interact with the main characters directly, or influence the outcome of the main story line (that’s for the PCs to do on Mondays). Think of meanwhile scenes as cameras in the world giving fresh or different perspectives. If you think you’d like to play a meanwhile scene then let me know. I have several written already _

Who can play in a meanwhile scene?

Basically anyone. Obviously my time is going to be dedicated to the main PCs and story line so they get first dibs, but If I have time I’d be happy to run you through one of the vignettes so you too get to see the world that we’re building.

Can I play an X? in X? doing X?

Meanwhile scenes are carefully planned so you’ll be given an series of options to chose from and then the scene will progress. Don’t worry if you don’t know the setting information, as each scene is designed to inform about setting as well as introduce the player to the world and the character before plunking them into the action.


Wardens of the lost age

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