Richard Cutler

Adventuring Archeologist


Richard Cutler

Silent Strider Philodox Cliath Homid


Physical Attributes

Strength 2 ••
Dexterity 3 •••
Stamina 3 •••

Social Attributes

Charisma 3 •••
Manipulation 3 •••
Appearance 2 ••

Mental Attributes

Perception 3 •••
Intelligence 4 ••••
Wits 3 •••



Alertness 1 •
Athletics 2 ••
Brawl 1 •
Dodge 1 •
Subterfuge 2 ••


Crafts 2 ••
Drive 2 ••
Stealth 2 ••
Survival 2 ••


Computer 1 •
Enigmas 2 ••
Investigation 2 ••
Linguistics 2 ••
Medicine 1 •
Occult 2 ••
Rituals 2 ••
Science 3 •••


Contacts: 3 •••
Allies: 3 •••
Pure Breed: 2 ••

Other Advantages

Renown: 3 Honor
Rank: Cliath (1)
Rage: 3 •••
Gnosis: 2 ••
Willpower: 3 •••


  • Persuasion
    Homid Basic Level 1
  • Truth of Gaia
    Philodox Basic Level 1
  • Speed of Thought
    Silent Strider Basic Level 1



Richard Cutler was an Oxford Archaeology professor with a with the reputation for unusual theories, aversion to classroom lecturing, and a penchant for field exploration. He holds advanced degrees in archeology and biology; and he exhibits vast knowledge of history, anthropology, paleontology, and computer science.

He is rumored to be working on a project for the government or may have contacts therein because he is never seems to have any trouble getting grants from them.

The truth is that he’s getting hush-money because a number of years ago (before his change) he was called upon to investigate an animal attack in the Midwestern United States which was being attributed to “a dinosaur.” It turned out that the attacker was indeed a sort of dinosaur which had come through to the modern world via a kind of temporal-spatial anomaly which he and his team risked their lives to close.

This discovery was Cutler’s first exposure to the supernatural and it opened his eyes to all the other things going on in the World of Darkness. Since that event he has been seeking answers at the fringes of civilization and the ends of the earth. And that is what lead to his first change. He stumbled upon a pack of gaian garou in mortal combat with a ravening black spiral dancer near the site of a dig in northern Africa. Recognizing a monster when he saw it, he recalled the trick he’d used a year prior being chased by an allosaurus in Aurora, IL. He managed to use a forklift to skewer the beast and pin it to the wall. This slowed the creature down long enough for the gaian garou to fall upon and defeat it.

He was brought before the local sept elders and discovered to be a late-changer. He was adopted into the Silent Striders tribe after he completed his tutelage in the ways of Gaia and the Garou. He found it all rather fascinating…

Richard Cutler

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