North America

The new world used to be known as the Pure Land, the modern age has left the Americas at the forefront of the progress toward technology and culture. the Septs here vary from Urban to rural and are often mixed more than any other region of the world. The noted exceptions are the frozen north and south of the continent.


South America

The location of the nearly 50 year long war front controlled by the Ledgendary warlord GolGol fangs first. South America is dangerous and mysterious. Garou packs that serve Panther often make several trips a year to the battle in the Amazon.



The traditional home of the Western Concordat, Europe boasts the oldest and most traditional caerns that still exist within the nation. Stark political and tribal lines have begun to erode in the last 30 years however.

*British Isles
*Western Europe
*Eastern Europe


Home to a mysterious group of changers the Garou of the Western Concordat only have a very few stronghold here.

*The Middle East


Known to only a few western garou, the “dark continent” is home to a third nation of shifters known as the Ahadi.

*North Africa
*South Africa


Wardens of the lost age Bgrinslade